By: Pirravin Sooriyakumar

By: Pirravin Sooriyakumar

Saturday, 16 March 2013

What is therapeutic cloning?

      Therapeutic cloning (medical) is device that it can regenerate any organs, for example a liver or a stomach could be regenerate damaged organs.  The therapeutic cloning is actually a medical treatment that could replace organs, cells, tissues, sickness and diseases. Usually a therapeutic cloning can transfer somatic cells in a nuclear transfer (SCNT), which is related to reproductive cloning. The therapeutic cloning can reduce the risk of rejection of damaged cells in a patient's body.

What is the purpose of therapeutic cloning?

      The purpose of using the therapeutic cloning is to replace and fix damaged organs and damaged cells and also diseases. The therapeutic cloning is to replace cells and organs for a patient. This patient will reduce the need for drugs and many other problems. Therapeutic cloning will stop any sickness and any types of diseases.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

What are the advantages of therapeutic cloning?

      The advantages and benefits of therapeutic cloning is that the patient won't die if the organ is replaced by using therapeutic cloning and replace cells and organs form damaged organs and cells. The benefit of therapeutic cloning is that when it comes to create extra organs it helps them to allow to live longer so that any patient won't able to die.

What are the disadvantages of therapeutic cloning?

       The disadvantages of therapeutic cloning are that the therapeutic cloning only can fix easily the stem cells, somatic cells, nerve cells, skin cells and organs but not blood cells. There is something called an embryo which effects stem cells it also may effect tumors and diseases on a patient's body.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The ethical issues associated with therapeutic cloning

      The ethical issues and controversies that are associated with therapeutic cloning is that the therapeutic cloning could only repair stem and somatic cells but sometimes cancer cells.

What are the Canadian contribution for therapeutic cloning?

     The Canadian scientists that still use the therapeutic cloning are Dr. C. Kfoury and some Korean scientists. In the year of 2007 in the place called May Ontario and California had claimed to give thirty million dollars for stem cell research to find a new way for the treatment for the types of diseases in a human body or for a patient's body. In Ontario and in California had given 70% for stem cell research which had carried out in North America.

What are the funding of therapeutic cloning?

      Companies/scientists/hospitals get their funding from the government. Places like the American Association of the Advancement of Science. Or the Ontario Science Center and any hospitals around the world.